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The Front Page keeps an eye on the web for you, bookmarking interesting ideas, profiles, developments, and media related to the atmospheric sciences community that you might have missed in the daily flood of urgent news. Recent links from our Delicious bookmarks page:
Unusual Road to Atmospheric Science: A profile of Richard Anyah, UConn assistant professor who started out teaching high school math in his native Kenya.

Videos from 2011 Stephen H. Schneider Symposium are now online: talks and follow-up discussion in which the climate science community reflects on scientific progress and the challenges of communicating with policymakers and the public.

John Tyndall, Discoverer of the Greenhouse Effect: Podcast of Irish radio interview with Richard Somerville, author of “The Forgiving Air,” about the history of “greenhouse effect” science, IPCC, and climate change topics.

WeatherBill morphs into The Climate CorporationWith funding from tech industry giants, the company has rebranded itself to tailor information to agribusiness and others looking to adapt to climate variability and change.

Moon’s shadow creates a atmospheric wakeResearchers use GPS signals to detect high-altitude gravity waves moving through the atmosphere during the total solar eclipse of 2009.

Forecast Bright for Student MeteorologistsProfile of Howard University’s graduate student association for atmospheric science.

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