Python Town Hall: AMS Special Meeting to Highlight Next Wave in Earth Sciences Computing

Perhaps you’ve heard about this modern, open-source programming language, Python. Maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about and how it relates to the atmospheric and oceanic sciences (AOS). If so, an AMS Town Hall meeting on Monday January 7 is for you.
From 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. local time at the convention center in Austin, Texas, this meeting will describe what Python can do for AOS users. Attendees will learn how Python meets needs and provides abilities in scientific computing that are currently unavailable in existing languages and how, as a result, Python enables AOS researchers to write modeling and analysis programs that enable better and more science to be done. The meeting will also include time where you can ask questions about implementing and supporting Python for AOS modeling and analysis.
Organizers note that this Town Hall meeting will be geared toward non-programmers and decision makers and will focus on how Python can help institutions be more productive.