William Gail Wins AMS Presidential Election

The AMS announced this week that William B. Gail is the new AMS president-elect and will take over as the Society’s president in January of 2014.

William B. Gail

Gail is cofounder and chief technology officer of Global Weather Corporation (GWC), a Boulder, Colorado, company that provides precision forecasts to businesses serving weather-sensitive sectors, such as wind energy, transportation, and media. He founded GWC to broaden the public benefit from next-generation forecast technologies being created in universities and national labs. Prior to founding GWC, he was a director at Microsoft, where he was responsible for software innovation such as consumer mobile and 3D weather visualization.
Recently, Gail has been a leader in the call for a U.S. Weather Commission, which would utilize the weather expertise of the meteorological community to advise federal policymakers on forecasting and making the country more weather-ready. He contributed to the NAS/NRC report “Weather Services for the Nation: Becoming Second to None,” and he was a member of a panel that recently spoke to Congress about this topic; he can be seen in this video of the panel, beginning at the 13:15 mark. (The U.S. Weather Commission will be the focus of a Town Hall Meeting at the upcoming AMS Annual Meeting in Austin.)
Newly elected AMS Councilors for 2012 were also announced: Stephen F. Corfidi of the Storm Prediction Center, Sonia Kreidenweis of Colorado State University, Frank D. Marks of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorology Laboratories, Yvette P. Richardson of The Pennsylvania State University, and Elizabeth A. Ritchie of the University of Arizona.