Inside the AMS Annual Report

This past year was a busy one at AMS.  Along with the usual activities, there were a slew of events and new projects in the works.  While BAMS, the Web site, and The Front Page communicate what is happening within the Society, there is another not-so-obvious resource to find out what’s going on: the AMS Annual Report.  For instance, did you know:
The total number of AMS members at the end of the year was 13,963, and the number of full members increased for the fifth year in a row.
The Policy Program developed a disaster risk reduction alliance with the Aerospace Medical Association, the leading professional society of military medical doctors in the U.S. and overseas, on the topics of climate and weather-scale impacts to human health.
5,366 people attended AMS conferences and symposia, compared to 4,235 the previous year, and a total of 4,233 papers were presented.
The conversion to a new Manuscript Tracking System significantly increased production capabilities in the Publications Department.
The fellowship and scholarship program celebrated its 20th year, which, since its inception, has awarded nearly $8.4 million to more than 900 students.
118 broadcast meteorologists earned the CBM Certificate, bringing the total number of active CBMs to 470.
The AMS book Eloquent Science and Weather on the Air received “Highly Recommended” ratings from CHOICE, a journal of current reviews for academic libraries published by the Association of Library and Research Libraries.
The entire 2010 Annual Report is available on the AMS website.