Image Conscious

Brewer and Shields, by Harry Lim
Broadcast meteorologists Jason Brewer and Brian Shields in the throes of sensitive dependence on initial conditions, thanks to photographer Harry Lim.

Right or wrong, people often tell tales about frequent disagreement between weather forecasts. Take a random example posted by the Cherry Hill, NJ, school administration:

The decision to change school schedules due to inclement weather is based on the best information available when the decision is made; however, we can never be sure how the weather will affect our area. Even meteorologists disagree on weather predictions.

Such, um…(cough, cough)…nonsense… deserves a chuckle when brought to good-humored life by photographer Harry Lim in this doctored image of Orlando, Florida, broadcast meteorologists. See Lim’s blog for the full image and description of the photo shoot for an upcoming issue of a local homeowners’ association magazine, Baldwin Park Living.